Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

Wrist devices are comfortable that for receiving инфы from them it is not necessary to do anything, it is not necessary to climb in a bag or in a pocket. It is quite easy to raise a hand — and the necessary data before you … What data? The current time — is classics of a genre as a clockwork long ago learned to do small. With today’s technologies in hours it is possible to place any electric components, to provide a web, GPS, etc. — but so do occasionally because of inconveniences of input. Without modules of a wireless communication and without the advanced detectors hours remain hours.

Perfectly, and where there is a successful input? On phone. But you will not begin to carry povsevremenno phone on a wrist. That leads us to the trivial truth: the sheaf of phone and hours probably will appear unusually comfortable. In phone everything is means of communication and a large quantity of the detectors, given with which it can "share" with hours. In certain cases it is acceptable also management of phone of means of hours — if that can be at small number of buttons. It is necessary only that there were those who will be ready to provide appropriate level of integration.

It seems that it eventually left.

Pebble maintain the same concept of Bluetooth-hours that there is c of the middle two-thousand — only taking into account modern preferences. The device contacts iPhone or c Android-smartphone according to the wireless protocol, takes from it weight инфы in real time, converts it and shows on the screen:

Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

The speedometer — uses geolokatsionny data

Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

Works and as велоспидометр

Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

Range finder for golf, too with geolocation introduction

Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

At an entering call you see a name calling

How about notices? Here what types of notices without considering a name calling supports Pebble:

  • Actions from a calendar;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Weather;
  • The timer and alarm clock (including — silent, with introduction of the built-in vibromotor);
  • Incoming mail (IMAP):

Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

Here to you an example where turnaround management — a musical player is involved:

Pebble [Kickstarter]. Rather clever Bluetooth-hours

By the way, input can be carried out not only only by keys. Pebble are equipped with the tryokhosny accelerometer with support of gestures. We for ourselves represent it so: to you call, you see a name calling and dump a call a hand wave.

For each function the separate appendix answers. New appendices together with new skins for dials can be downloaded from virtual shop. Watchapp store, yes! And what virtual shop without SDK for developers? In other words, though what wishing will manage to add and without that the provided functional of Pebble.

First we were confused a little by the black-and-white screen on the basis of electric paper. It is quite good in sense of savings of energy (hours will work for 7 days from the 1st charge), but as it is clear, such monitor needs separate illumination, on another a picture it will not be visible in a haze. Fortunately, illumination to be.

About a case design. Protection against water (it is impossible to heat) and from scratches, also comparability to the majority of 22-millimetric thongs is declared. Charging? A complete cable, from USB.

The motivated sum of the project ($100 000) was collected within 2 hours. Are not convinced that it is a record, but support from community — indescribable. Bring $115 to receive black Pebble, $125 for though what other color (the last from them will cause vote) and add $15 for delivery closer by September. It that costs.

To get Pebble