Gold iPhone 5S and its gipotetichny owner

Gold iPhone 5S and its gipotetichny owner of

Remains absolutely a little to time to presentation of new iPhone. It is yet clear, whether gold models for the Chinese market will be presented, and known trolls from the Andy Media company, famous for the ability to do ofigitelny satirical rollers, already shot the parody … no, not on gold iPhone 5S, and on his presumable owner.

It at all the blonde with bright pink sponges as it seemed to much earlier, and mazhoristy person, with habits of the impudent impudent person, admiring by itself.

At the end of a roller one phrase, ready to become a meme is told only.

«Every day more and more geeks buys gold iPhone 5S»

Not запамятовывайте that the present presentation will be broadcast in the Russian language in Twitter on the @iPhones_ru_live channel at 21:00 on capital time. Be signed and look behind news.