COOKOO watch. The unusual hours working together with iOS

COOKOO watch. The unusual hours working together with iOS

While in a network hearings about preparing hours of joint development of Apple intensively circulate and Intel similar by Kickstarter the project managed to be embodied actually. The hours based on technology Blyutuz 4.0, support a number of the iOS functions and are comfortable addition to mobile devices of Apple.

As it is clear, Apple Blyutuz 4.0 equips all the new devices. One of the main features of this standard known also as Blyutuz of Smart, very low power consumption is. This feature allows to create at last pair from the device on the basis of iOS and any device.

In this case speech about a watch will go. The project of the ConnecteDevice company began the existence on Kickstarter where it was absolutely financed and then is embodied in the real device. The hours which have received the title of COOKOO watch, are positioned at first as design. They combine in themselves the analog mechanism with shooters with the small screen.

Using the firm appendix though what user can adjust simply display necessary инфы from the iOS-device directly on the dial of hours. In the middle of abilities of a device there is a display of the entering and passed calls, reminders from a calendar, messages with Facebook, also office messages concerning a charge of the battery and an inaccessibility of a signal between interfaced devices.

One more inquisitive moment is existence of the special physical button. She allows to find your phone, to make a picture or to note the position on the card. COOKOO watch work about one year from a standard battery. The price of an unusual device makes $129. For these means buyers can count on a choice from 5 various flowers, a heat – and moisture-proofness, also comparability to the last generations of devices of Apple. The good find for those who likes to store own iPhone or iPad in a warm internal pocket of a jacket and does not flare at all desire povsevremenno to take it from there for check of calls or messages. [Macrumors]