A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

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We did not do the review of iPad of the 4th generation because generally to write and there is nothing. One colleagues on the resources directed on a certain subject with it and so mastered perfectly well, and others rolled out the obvious description of the device. At us such too is, thus there was it practically in day of the announcement for what again to repeat? Very much not enough external distinctions in iPad 4Gen in comparison to the predecessor, and in ON such and podavno not. Nevertheless, it absolutely other device снутри, but прочуять is possible for a configuration at its active daily operation, instead of in the course of testing for couple of days. Not including that, it is far not in all schemes of use all that terrible power hided снутри by iPad with the Retina-display (this official title of the 4th generation of tablets of Apple, if that) will be visible. I practically do not let go the newcomer already a quantity of days. Did not sustain, it was updated and the using device in work would wish to share live impressions about the device as the owner, aggressively and povsevremenno. To chagrin, such memoirs in the Network to own upgrade did not manage to find and was a little boyazno that I will regret about the spent money. But it was updated and I am not sorry. Well, went!

About sockets, openings and about a window in the world

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

Weight, form, tactile feelings from use — all this at iPad 4 (for the sake of a sokrashchennost I will call it so) is absolutely identical with the predecessor. The unique difference — Lightning port. It very small also looks small in iPhone 5, even more small — in iPad mini, and in a full-size tablet — voobshchy microscopic. It amuses and does the device in my eyes the monolitny. I never liked a healthy hole of the 30-pinovy socket with its ground edges.

The 2nd plus which I прочуял in real criteria of operation, too am connected with the socket. Now in all my iГаджетах it similar, a wire to change at additional charge it is not necessary, took from the 1st device, to a descent thrust in another, not натуживаясь about what party to connect. A trifle, but it does life simpler!

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

The 12-vattny STORAGE charges a tablet is sensitive more quickly, but I start this process for the night so especially it is not perceptible. From the same charger without troubles iPad mini and iPhone 5 are recharged.

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

As to the monitor, certain observers noted, say, it became better, others did not notice distinction, and analysis by specialists from iFixit showed that the matrix is similar, unless is made by forces of LG, instead of Samsung. Matrix monotonous, and here color calibration various. Thus, again, in webs someone writes that color tone is filled up in reddish, at someone gives blue, in other words the temperature of color is colder. In my case «the window in the world» began to give out warmer picture and if unvarnished, it is ordinary желтит. Couple of days this fact was an eyesore, now got used and already excessive "warmth" of the image does not strain. In any case the Retina-display in iPad as was one of the best in the market, so such and remained. It would be curious to compare about Nexus 10 Google but while my hands did not reach it.

About work

Full-size iPad in my scheme of introduction — it at first the working tool. In toys usually I play or on iPhone (started to pass Infinity Blade), or on Galaxy Note II (Rayman: Jungle Run on it to play simply magnificently), or on iPad mini. iPad 3Gen somehow not so disposed to games and now I thought why, but about it later. While about work.

So here, the big tablet plays not only only working role on type «mail to read, in the browser полазить, to RSS see and choose news in work» and often substitutes to me the laptop as the tool for typing. How there is a process, I wrote in article about Byword and Markdown, also in reviews of tablet keyboards from Logitech and Zagg. By the way, at present the winner is specifically the last, not in vain engraved.

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

In an active operating mode on a tablet I povsevremenno am switched between Byword, Safari, the dictionary Slovoed, from time to time I come into Tweetbot and Mail.app, very quite often and promptly (at the expense of the hardware keyboard) I switch an apportion. As though and not especially difficult activity, but iPad of the third generation in such mode not that подтормаживал, but thought. It was switched in the browser, second – two you expect, while system will come to, came back in the editor, again second – two, jumped in mail — again a delay and if during writing announcements you skip on windows of tens times — it starts to irritate. I any more do not speak about keyboard layout switching after which the system too suspects half-seconds, and from time to time for a second, in particular if do it very promptly (for example when it is necessary to add quotes-fir-trees that becomes in the British apportion hitretsky composition). Finally it is possible to work and I worked, worked in such mode much, but "thoughtfulness" of system strained.

The hope that at the expense of increased more than twice productivity of the computing Apple A6 block (is based on the architecture with ARMv7s application) and expanded throughput possibility of the tire of memory all described above operation will be made a little more quickly was one of circumstances of transition to iPad 4. The hope absolutely came true.

Switching of language occurs in one stage, transition between windows — too, no second delay and in mention is present. On speed of work and feelings from it now the tablet together with the hardware keyboard very much remembers personal Retina MacBook Pro 15". It would seem, a trifle — there the second delay, here one and a half, here pair more секундочек silly you stick in the screen and you expect, but these trifles poured out in irritation and in fall of working productivity.

And to remember podvisaniye and browser or editor departures when the system simply closed them because of shortage of an operativka. In its iPad 4 as much, how many and in the predecessor, 1 GB, but works it obviously more quick. While the 1st departure or a podvisaniye of software was not, and after all texts I gathered already strongly much. For example, this article is at present typed on a tablet. Recent retrospective of iMac too, as well as other my reviews.

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

As a whole the device works more bright, more vividly and more fervently. Yes, it is not especially perceptible by comparison of an old and new tablet within an hour, but for a quantity of days a difference feel very much very much. Pages in the browser are loaded promptly, tabs open in one stage — any podtormazhivaniye, slipped in a Twitter, back in the browser — any delay, everything is prompt. And users of Tweetbot, remember the brake integrated browser. On iPad 4 it flew and now in irritation it is not necessary to throw the reference to a descent in Safari, it is completely possible to esteem directly in the client.

Even my spouse, very submultiple from equipment, saw that the tablet became very more quick. And she in the main thing plays Plants vs Zombies on it and is engaged in web surfing. For me it there was an indicator that matter is not in ecstasy Rums from the latest железяки, and it is truly felt more vigorously.

Yes, the next moment — the Wi-fi module holds communication better and where iPad of the third generation gave out average force of a signal, the beginner отрисовывают the greatest three sticks on Wi-Fi icon in a status line.


Time came into the hands the most powerful tablet of the present, a sin not to drive on it a toy though this niche was occupied soon by iPad mini. But, seemingly, the palm will come back again to bolshenny iPad.

Snutri me wakened again the mad compulsive gambler! To play N.O.V.A. 3 in full permission and with all effects — it is a parable. To drive in Bard’s Tale with the real animation (gets the idea in functions, it is veiled type under economy аккума, it is not necessary to save up) — simply super. By the way, not so long ago game was updated and too at iPad 4 works in full permission.

Well, let’s forget about huge and difficult 3D-projects, we will take something is more ordinary that, apparently, and it was so perfectly started on iPad 3Gen. Beautiful Pictorial 2 HD, for example. As though and плавненько it worked, but subconsciousness obviously let’s realize that the quantity of shots there is not enough, the toy works at a limit, hardly. With iPad 3 it not so noticed, by direct comparison the difference appears on a look. And Carmageddon — as though and perfectly worked at the predecessor, but started it on iPad 4 and thought — here it, real game.

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

This moment it is difficult to explain and, maybe, me усвоют the people playing both on the personal computer, and on huge consoles. In particular it was perceptible in a past when after the computer you sit down at PlayStation and see that on the console game practically flies, it ооочееень плавненько works, very quickly, well is simply been pleasing to the eye. You come back to the personal computer, everything is as though prompt, but on a limit. Still such feeling especially sharply endured at an update of graphic adapters in a past. You start game on brand new "iron" and you understand that you and did not see it really. Such makary I passed the well-known Unreal in a past three times — on 3DFX Voodoo, later on Voodoo 2 and, eventually, besides on Voodoo 3 3000.

Away doubts

Friends, I will not calm and nag you something type: «Well, iPad 4, it practically that as iPad 3, it is not necessary to change anything, all and is so good». If you much on a tablet play, away doubts, it is necessary to take a novelty, it is magnificent. Concretely it is real iPad of the last generation, the real iPad. The predecessor amused the Retina-display, but did not impress with productivity. This product caused such feeling in me that the company simply was not in time just right with Apple A6 and should let out a tablet without the Retina-display. The market achieved a novelty, the market achieved ultrahigh clearness drawings. The company gave that from it expected, having squeezed out from old system – on – the chip at most probable, and the device allowed to wait a novelty, but less. iPad of the third generation was only a transitional product. iPad 4 — here real break in tablet area.

If you only read books and are engaged in web surfing, and in that case the difference will be visible, but it is necessary to be spent in the presence of excessive means. For example, to amuse itself for New Year.

For the same who, as well as I, use a tablet along with the laptop or заместо it as the typewriter and the real working tool, iPad 4 it is simply registered to acquisition заместо by iPad 3, iPad 2 and though what other tablet.

A little personal memoirs from transition with iPad 3Gen on iPad 4Gen

Friends, it is not so impartial, and quicker opposite, very personal article. But after all I wrote about own personal impressions, about what did not manage to find in the Web when suffered with a choice, and worried later, instead of whether was mistaken, instead of whether it will be painfully a pity the means spent for nothing? I hope that my thoughts and memoirs will be useful to someone.

P.S. Here it is honest, I do not believe that in half a year of Apple will let out a new tablet. But if it on the such goes, I will laugh very loudly and I will remain together with iPad 4 because developers will start to use its potential not earlier than in half a year. And till that time will be equated on «tablet old men».