Gold iPhone 5S in China bought up a minute of

Gold iPhone 5S in China bought up a minute of

As the Chinese mass media analyzing preorders starting yesterday for new iPhone report, the winner at the latest ruler was formed in the 1st seconds. And it … gold iPhone 5S.

The yellow model of phone, for earlier being called "Champagne", after presentation caught the obvious title "gold", but from it there was no least nice. In one minute in the Chinese online service of Apple all gold iPhone 5S of all available complete sets were disassembled.

As inhabitants of Heavenly Empire, in recent years the brightest and distinctive feature allocating a rich layer of China explain this paradox, gold became concrete. It was esteemed also by the emperors living in mad luxury. It is necessary to be surprised then to that, as the European market was flooded pseudo by gold scenery, a home decoration, clothes, devices and devices.

Today’s race behind gold iPhone 5S, local mass media christened «gold hysteria» which extended across all China with in the loud speed.

For now Europeans only lick lips, glancing towards iPhone 5S, waiting for the 20th when it will be started sales of new phones [patapp].