iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

Present presentation of Apple began a little inertly, having presented to the first iPhone 5c. As it will look, we already knew, and on an interior the device appeared actually iPhone 5 copy. But when Phil Schiller started to speak about iPhone 5s, the mysticism of Apple came back to a hall. On the last measure, this magic прочуяли at a technological level the grounded specialists, and I will try to tell about everything popularly. The new leader truly appeared a sign product not only only for the company and for the industry as a whole. After all it is the 1st phone with the vsepolnotsenny 64-bit microprocessor. Instead of so long since to 64 bits just passed Mac computers …


Schiller began iPhone 5S announcement not with technologies, and from design. As a whole, exchanged nothing — the same case from the anodized aluminum with width of only 7,6 mm, the same 112 g of weight, but one innovation nevertheless is. As well as in a case with design of iPhone 5c, we about it learned beforehand — speech about model of gold color.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

By the way, color not "Champagne", and without a delicacy — "Gold" or Gold is called. The white-silvery model and is called as Silver, and here dark iPhone became grayish. Though, the Apple can is truly sensitive changed its color, having made is more light. It and not especially black was earlier, and now absolutely grayish, in the company it is called by «Space Gray».

Hearings about that the gold model will receive 128 GB a flash memory, too did not come true. The greatest volume of a disk place — 64 GB, as well as in iPhone 5. But about technical properties it is necessary to have a talk in more detail because by Apple once again made revolution, having packed in the small case improbable power to modern measures.

Practically as real computer

Now we look the 3rd cycle of alternation of generations of iPhone when outside the device remains actually similar, but снутри at it all another. So was with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, now here with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. A difference only in that, it is possible to consider present updating by right as the most large-scale — this techno revolution in mobile area or, at least, in the sphere of mobile microprocessors.

iPhone 5s is constructed on the basis of system – on – the Apple A7 chip (SoC) which contains computing kernels with 64-bit architecture. Emphasizing all importance of it, I will note that any of modern flagman phones has no support of 64-bit instructions, including not so long ago announced Samsung of Galaxy Note 3. Moreover, about 64-bit commercial SoC which can be used in future rivals of iPhone while too it is clear nothing. ARM have developments, but the company not especially about them extends. In other words — Apple A7 is the first commercially applied development of that sort.

If to say about nude power, the computing module in A7 is twice stronger such in A6, the graphic subsystem too is twice more productive. But in this case the 64-bit architecture gives advantages in respect of overall performance of processor conveyors and at similar frequency it twice surpasses 32-bit decisions in productivity.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

Though there is a hitch — this architecture should support and ON for its effective use, but full turnaround comparability to 32-bit appendices nobody cancelled, simply they will use processor capacity not for all 100 %.

iOS 7 absolutely supports 64-bit architecture and all firm mobile applications too. Developers should adapt the aaplets, why in Xcode appropriate libraries are added.

The computers of Apple started to transfer absolutely to 64-bit architecture in 2009 with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard release. Time of phones now came and it is possible to tell safely that iPhone 5s — is the real computer in palms.

About quantity of kernels of Apple does not extend, as well as about model of the applied graphic accelerator (GPU), but it is clear that it supports OpenGL ES 3.0. By the way, new Google of Nexus 7 too supports this technology which will make games more attractive and is more productive. Infinity Blade 3 becomes the first game for iOS, on a full aaplet of Apple A7 using capacity, but it is other history, and we while will return to technologies.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

Finishing conversation on the microprocessor, I wish to direct attention to that fact that in it more than billion transistors — it is strong much for the mobile chip and says about difficulty of a chip. PC veterans obviously remember computer videocards of GeForce on the basis of GPU NVIDIA GT200 which appeared in 2009 (GeForce GTX 260/280). So here, they for the first time overcame a limit in one billion transistors, but it were the huge-huge "bricks" which are consuming for a hundred part watt of energy and being cooled with a monstruozny radiator and the fan. At present this billion transistors is packed in a small chip in the area 102 mm2 which is established снутри phone — indescribably!

Someone will remember the run wild figures shown on presentation, say, the new microprocessor in 40 times is more quick, and a brand new video subsystem and that in 56 times — this comparison to unusual iPhone of a standard of 2007. Since then mobile technologies stepped very far.

The separate microprocessor for sports

Except Apple A7 in brand new iPhone still there is one microprocessor (if is more exact, the coprocessor), is called as M7 or Motion Coprocessor. This chip took the trouble on processing of all data from the accelerometer, a gyroscope and a compass, thus he looks behind indicators povsevremenno! What sense in it? Big! iPhone will be transformed to the real assistant at exercises by sports.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

Now in certain cases he will manage to change devices like Jawbone Up or Nike + Fuelband. By the way, Nike of the first supported M7 and prepared the Nike appendix + Motion: looks behind physical activity, considers calories, Nike Fuel Points and even is built in with Game Center.

Other developers too have access to data of M7 and can use them in own appendices. For this purpose in iOS 7 CoreMotion API is created. In other words, Nike + Motion — it only began. Further it is necessary to expect emergence and other goods with support of expanded sports abilities of iPhone 5s.

Brand new chamber and unique flash

On the 1st look in iPhone 5s the chamber module not especially exchanged, but in fact it not so. Yes, in it still 8 megapixels, but the size of each pixel more than in the iPhone 5 sensor (1,5 microns that does not hold out to 2 microns in ультрапикселе HTC One, but too a result impressing). It means that the detector can grasp more light and do high-quality pictures in criteria of weak external illumination.

Not including that, the diaphragm of a lens increased to f/2.2, against f/2.4 at iPhone 5, in other words, it too passes more light. Phil Schiller declared that the active area of the sensor is more for 15 %, and its sensitivity for 33 % is higher. But it not unique improvement.

During shooting the iPhone photomodule and cunning ON the machine gun measures characteristics in 15 zones and is dependent from changed criterion adjusts an exposition and some other characteristics in real time directly during shooting. It is very burning, for example, for panoramas. Besides some pictures are created to a descent, the best get out, are packed and finally there is very impressing picture even in difficult criteria of shooting. Though, it in the theory. As will be in practice — we will have a look on a real sample.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

By the same principle the system of stabilization of the image is constructed also — some pictures are done to a descent and ON automatically choose most exact of them.

In a mode of serial shooting of iPhone 5s about 10 shots in a second are capable to do and the system too tries to select itself best of their machine gun.

Hearings about double light-emitting diode flash proved to be true, but they did not open its head advantage. In the module two various light-emitting diodes are used: one shines with the cool snow-white light, the 2nd — warm yellowish. Their light is combined that allows to reach definition of more or less correct balance snow-white when shooting with flash. About yellowish and greenish zombies persons on photos in principle it will be possible to forget. Here to you about it a ridiculous roller, but in a case with iPhone 5s it is already irrelevant:

One more impressing counter of a novelty — is the record SloMo-video. Phone is capable to write down in permission 720p and with frequency of 120 shots in a second. In other words it is possible to receive a smooth roller with 4-fold delay. Where there promised SloMo at rivals? Galaxy Note 3 offers record of video in permission 4K but for whom it is necessary, on what monitors or TV sets to look? To remove an abrupt trick on are great or a board in the slowed-down mode, more usefully and more interestingly, имхо. Though, as write in comments, even Galaxy S4 it is able. Well, we will have a look, as function is realized at Apple.

Biometric sensor. Forget about sour input of passwords

Yes, friends, Apple nevertheless built in the biometric sensor own flagman phone! Hearings again proved to be true.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

It is established in the Home button, and now this element заместо plasticity covers sapphire glass. The sensor of Apple was called by Touch ID. Its thickness makes only 170 microns (on the average thickness of a human hair — 75 microns), permission — 500 ppi and it reads out a fingerprint under the top layer of epidermis that allows to reach the highest accuracy of definition. Round the button there is an iron ring which too is the sensor activating Touch ID at a contact.

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

The biometric detector works how it was supposed — with its help it is possible to unblock phone, thus not by all means to aim a finger strictly from below up. Touch ID will cause your print regardless of position of a finger, whether you lean it from lateral face or from below. The main thing to press down a small pillow, instead of lateral edge or a finger-tip.

Not including that, Touch ID is applied to authorization of purchases in iTunes and App Store that too is comfortable. Probably, extraneous appendices too will manage to use its advantages.


The company will start to accept preparatory orders for iPhone 5c on September 13, and shipment of both models, including iPhone 5s, is planned for September 20 (in other words 5s for earlier it is impossible to order), but not in all countries. The first devices will be received by inhabitants of the USA, Canada, Australia, China, the Country of a rising sun, France, Germany, Singapore and England. Until the end of the year novelties will reach 100 states.

As to the prices, the basic 16-gigabyte iPhone 5s model will cost, for example, in Canada $700, 32-gigabyte — for $100 is more expensive, 64-gigabyte — $890 (skonvertirovano in the South American dollars). These are closer to South American the prices though to them it is necessary to add a 10 percent tax still.

As a result of Joni Ayv asks — what phone for yourself will be got for money by you: successful and most powerful iPhone 5s, big Galaxy Note 3 or certain another лопатофон?

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor

iPhone 5s. 64-bit phone 1st in the world with the biometric sensor