Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

At present everything huge popularity is gathered by a subject of the nosimy sensors cooperating with iPhone. Jawbone Up which appeared come to reason Nike + Fuelband which is perfectly tracing physical activity is very comfortable for definition of phases of a dream, also. But on it the imagination of developers is not settled. For example, the Melon team suggested to track down activity of a brain and if is more exact, sfokusirovannost level. For what it is necessary? Oh, options of use of the acquired data the weight, most usual of which — is perfectly executed work, whether it be writing of article or occupation by yoga.

Development and theory

Melon represents a silicone hoop on the head with 3 built-in electrodes which are used for tracking of electronic activity of a brain. In other words, in base of the device development of EEG, or an elektroentsefalografiya (EEG) lies.

Thought usual, in fact. Billion neurons in a brain exhale electronic impulses in a certain sequence is dependent on the current activity of the person. Discrepancy that radiation occurs povsevremenno because the brain works continuously and always supports a body in working condition. No matter what muscular activity, support of work of heart and an internal — all this forces neurons to exhale energy and complexity in tracing separate radiation. In this case this focusing of a brain on a certain activity. In the Melon company could solve this problem.

Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

Namely, for the hardware the NeuroSky chip providing accuracy of tracking of brain waves at level of 96 % in comparison to research and honey with elektroentsefalograf (such healthy cars with mass of the sensors suckers fastening to the head) answers. It is very severe indicator which gives hope of emergence and other devices of that sort. Abilities to use to EEG in commercial and honey the purposes weight, in particular as to prosthetics, but before people limited massive devices. By the way, the mentioned NeuroSky chip grows out of careful work within 9 years.

The device contacts iPhone through Blyutuz, and interaction is built on the basis of the firm appendix. It is natural, before it to make the innumerable number of tests and checks was carried out precisely to find a sketch of brain radiation at increase or fall of a sfokusirovannost of the person. Such makary, an aaplet it is ordinary tracks down current state of the user and shows appropriate markers: low sfokusirovannost, average, the highest. As though everything is very simple, but on the basis of these data it is possible to make mass of all useful. Moreover developers from Melon trained the appendix in mass of basic tricks and gave many abilities on its development of what and it will be a question below.

Practice and for what all these dancings round brain waves

Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

OK, we look behind sfokusirovannost level, we contemplate it on graphics, what with all this to do? I will follow an example from the practice. It is possible to write news in 15 minutes, and it is possible to expend on the same material an hour and a half. Happens that fingers flit over the keyboard and thoughts will be transformed to the coherent and fascinating text with a high speed, but there are also turnaround situations when you sit before a computer and are in a stupor, incapable to squeeze out and the 1st usual offer. All this is in dependence from a sfokusirovannost. If in the head porridge, thoughts soar here and there in clouds, and you are not capable to collect an eye in a heap, about what effective work there can be a speech? In particular it is unpleasant, when this level changes directly in the course of performance of a basic problem and the operating schedule starts to be strewed as a house of cards.

In that case everyone has methods to cheer up, so to speak. Someone does small physical warm-up or drinks a coffee cup with a piece of chocolate, someone is helped by 10-minute walk, someone climbs in the Twitter and on it work the voobshchy comes to the end, to someone music helps to be focused. But not always there is a result from, apparently, operating ways.

Melon was created just for this purpose that precisely the nobility — whether helps the current activity better to make focusing or the user simply in vain wastes time. The appendix will warn that level of focusing decreased, it would be necessary to do something with it. Thrust earphones in ears, included the loved album, you look, the schedule on the display spread up, the sfokusirovannost increased — perfectly!

Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

Not including that, on the basis of the acquired data it is possible to make the decision on termination of work. For what to torture itself if process does not go?

But the most basic that the appendix evenly studies, tracing activity of the user and keeping moments positively operating on a sfokusirovannost in the database. Not including that, it is possible to train the ability to be focused in a game form. The better and more effectively it is possible to concentrate, the more quick there is a figure of origami in the mini game integrated into the Melon appendix.

High potential

Melon [Kickstarter]. Be focused truly

Melon finally can turn back both an obvious zilch, and the most true revolution in the sphere of nosimy sensors. Everything is in dependence from, whether as intensively the project will develop indeed everything so perfectly as developers on Kickstarter show.

But it should be noted, as founders of the project understand the importance of its development. Therefore they made SDK for programmers that will allow to integrate extraneous appendices with Melon. Besides documentation on hardware interaction with the sensor will be available. The last in particular essentially because means formation of the whole ecosystem of the goods on the basis of an electric hoop.

If the project gets public support, it has a huge future from which a hand to submit before management of equipment by force of thought. The potential for this purpose is. Till the end of fund raising on Kickstarter there were 28 more days, and people already enclosed nearly $87 thousand from the necessary $100 thousand.

The price of a hoop makes $100 and it will be issued in the 3rd sizes (S, M, L) and in 2 flowers (dark and snow-white). It is expected that the 1st copies of Melon will get to investors in November of this year. [Kickstarter]

Thanks for aiming, Anton Olenev.