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Devices for iМаньяка: phone for iPhone and a yablokovy USB hub

Yes that all of us about earphones, bag da’s covers! Let’s have a talk at last about devices for real iМаньяков to which experiences with the loved devices and products from China are not alien.

The review крейдла Bluelounge Saidoka for iPhone 5

In the range of the producer of accessories of Bluelounge are available: Kii brelki-cables, Milo support for iPhones, Mika for айпэдов and a cool charging of MiniDock.

Review of acoustic docking stations of Philips Docking Speaker DS8400 and DS3400

The industry endures boom of the Bluetooth-columns which are blowing up a room by "basses" and loudness. All of them pass by me: as well as our many readers, I prefer, that music sounded truly.

ZenDock [Kickstarter]. Available dock for MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro without the Retina monitor did not go yet under a knife of Apple and continues to amuse own owners a large quantity of ports. This privilege owners of thin versions of the laptop are deprived, and often they should resort to the help of USB concentrators or docking stations.

Thuraya SatSleeve does iPhone … satellite
Suppressing the most part of the iPhone functions will work, where you were. Without considering, generally, its most important function — thanks to which it also is called as iPhone, instead of iPod.

Belkin Express Dock. For those whom laziness to remove a cover

Despite of active opposition to covers, their manufacturing companies have no release from clients. Not to count young startups and projects which rose thanks to purses of owners of iPhone and iPad.

Review of musical docking stations of Philips Original Radio mini and Docking Speaker DS7580

We continue to acquaint you with acoustic docking stations from Philips. On turn — two very various pieces. Under sounds of one it is possible to fall asleep, and it badly not to eat.