Apple solved dely with work of system of cooling in Retina MacBook Pro 15 ?

Apple solved dely with work of system of cooling in Retina MacBook Pro 15 ?

Except OS X 10.8.3 release the Apple company also updated very basic component in 15-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina-display — SMC, it is System Management Controller. This hardware decision which is responsible for work of system of cooling, in other words, operates fans. Into its problem comes, that the laptop worked silently, but at all this did not overheat. Not including that, there is also some other functions, including firm system of protection against the unauthorized OS X installation on the computers not made by Apple.

In the middle of features in SMC v1.1 it is necessary to allocate the subsequent:

  • Solves dely with decrease in frequency of shots in games with saturated graphics.
  • Mistakes in Power Nap work are corrected.
  • The difficulties from time to time arising at an exit from a mode of a dream are eliminated.
  • Mistakes in management of ventilation system are corrected.

You see impressing list, more basic пт which the last is. Many complaints from owners of Retina MacBook Pro 15" that even if on system there is no loading arrived, the laptop could begin neither with that nor from it to disperse fans to the maximum that does big noise. In the main thing users of devices with SSD from Sandisk complained. At myself personally I did not see that difficulty.

I will add that in the course of updating the computer also will start fans for full speed, but these are features of installation of new SMC versions and is absolutely normal. Process takes only some seconds.