Start-up of Leap Motion postponed till July 22 of

Start-up of Leap Motion postponed till July 22 of

The future nearby, but after all it it is sensitive further on time, than we would like that. It further for two months.

The Leap Motion USB controler for definition of gestures in air announced in May of the 2012th, to dispatch test standards began even in the autumn, and in February designated release date — on May 13. Unfortunately, everything appeared not so simply. At telephone press conference — directly as at Apple — head of Leap Motion Michael Bakuald told that the release is now planned for July 22.

In a product there is nothing super and catastrophic, we very much are proud of it … If we very much very much tried, could be in time with shipment, but then at us would not remain to time for repeated testing … here to them we and we wish to be engaged.

According to Michael, matter in software, and at all in iron. 600 000 devices are ready to sending though now, it says — but the aaplet under them is worked not up to the end. Not including that, the quantity of gadgets on hands at developers — 12 000 was sounded.

Postponing release, there is a shred of common sense. With new devices bolshushchy value plays the 1st reminiscence and, as a result, the 1st reviews. Nobody will begin to copy the bad review after an update exit. We contemplate it on Pebble example: hours clever, but yet so clever as developers promised. Sometime the designated limit will be passed and even remains far behind — but the 1st reminiscence will continue to play the role. The product should be faultless from the very beginning. The it is more it essentially for that product, as Leap Motion. [tnw]