The Leap. Gestures in air — it is reality of

The Leap. Gestures in air — it is reality of

Let’s do without reasonings on development and we will pass to a descent to business. The Leap — this peripheral USB device which is put on a table before you and tracks down a certain area of a place over itself. In this area you can make means of movements by fingers of both hands management of objects on the display. Gestures in air, directly as in the film "Dissenting opinion". And it not concept.

Without a videoclip here not to manage, you realize:

Game in Angry Birds sticks for food — is "aerobatics"

Great? Not that word! Microsoft develops similar technology with own prefix of Kinect, but there accuracy of definition in times is lower, well and an orientation another — on movements of all body, if only on hands. Right there we have tremendous substitution to the touch interface. My employee Roma Yuryev fantastically depicted The Leap in 2 words:

It is own sort realization of the mouse cursor when you bring a finger to the screen and the system feels that it there, without a contact.

Well, were enough impressed to desire to arrange The Leap before the computer with OS X or Windows? Then here to you the reference to the preorder at cost in 70 dollars and plus 13 more for the international delivery. To expect it is necessary it is long, till winter 2012-2013, but preorders threaten to close, as the number of devices in the first party will be limited. And taking in attention more than democratic the price … Let’s express so, we not so will be surprised, if preorders close earlier, than you will manage to follow the link. [cnet]