BluFit – a bottle with Blyutuz and the appendix for your phone

BluFit - a bottle with Blyutuz and the appendix for your phone

The modern level of development of technologies allows enthusiasts to invent and realize the most indescribable things. That only there is a "clever" bottle for the water, equipped Blyutuz and capable to work together with iPhone by means of the special annex. And it not the joke, is BluFit.

Very intriguing startup left to find supports on Indiegogo. In any sense it is a natural round in development of accessories for sports activities, but after all the phrase «a clever bottle» look rather silly. Fortunately, the subject probably will appear completely necessary at athletes.

The light-emitting diodes located on all surface, the loudspeaker and the receiver are integrated into a bottle of BluFit Blyutuz by LE only. BluFit together with the firm appendix for phones works. In the last the age, weight and other necessary data of the user permitting to an aaplet to plan your day water consumption are specified. Not including that, the appendix will support different scenarios which the user will manage to set. The bottle will speak light-emitting diodes and sounds about need to make some drinks of water.

BluFit - a bottle with Blyutuz and the appendix for your phone

Certainly that BluFit can become a real well инфы about your day water consumption, giving out various useful statistics and even giving advice. From one charging integrated аккумов about 6 days are capable to work BluFit. It should be noted design of a bottle which looks very decently and technologically.

To become the owner of BluFit it is possible for only $49. If you intensively look behind the water consumption and seriously treat own health, purchase of this "clever" bottle probably will appear even very useful. [TUAW]